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Selling never starts with selling, it starts with conversations.

How can you start thousands of conversations? Just use the online business networks that provide the tools and resources you need, with the most powerful being LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Who you can influence

Online business networks enable you to influence many people in organisations: in 2017, buying decisions are usually made by teams, rarely just one person. So, who do you need to reach and influence?



Decision Makers and Gatekeepers

Anyone from Senior managers all the way up to the CEO.


Junior Staff

The many specialists and professionals who do the research and then influence the decisions of the “higher ups’.

How you can influence hundreds of prospects

Start a Conversation

Have hundreds of prospects tell you their issues, their ‘hot buttons’. Then you can share insights and solutions and be positioned as the expert.

Build a Following

Have prospects come to you: when you have a large target audience with common interests, just gather them together on business networks and keep them engaged.

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