B2B Marketing Ideas: The BS is BS!

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I was at an event the other day when I overheard the Managing Director of an Accounting Association mutter “the BS is BS”. (The first BS stands for balance sheet!) Why is the BS BS? Because the value of modern companies lay predominantly in their (harder to measure) intangibles such as their intellectual property, brand recognition and business cultures/methodologies. What the accountants measure and what we naively hold in highest esteem are the tangible, physical assets. So when you hear the boss of an Accounting Association say this, one can’t … Read More

Creating your Perfect Tagline

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There are many different names for the few words that powerfully describe your business… Taglines Your Story Positioning Statements Elevator Pitch We define each of these below, but they’ll have one thing in common… They all must be short, persuasive and focus on the payoff your offering. • Your prospects get to understanding you faster • The line and its variations will underpin your other content; your other messages flow from it • Your team sings from the same ‘hymn sheet’ delivering consistent messages to the market. • First impressions are King and … Read More

B2B Marketing: Don’t Understand Website Lingo? You Need A Translator

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Translators make it easier in B2B Marketing Say you’re planning a short business venture overseas. The language is foreign to you so you have two options: Spend a copious amount of time learning the language so you can understand and speak it fluently. Hire a translator to do it for you. Now obviously hiring a translator may be the more expensive option (depending on how much you value your time), but it is a rapid shortcut that will allow you to grasp the language well without having to learn it. … Read More

Online Marketing: How to build your presence

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Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Keywords, Instagram…the list of tools seems endless But what I’m about to tell you will give you the answer to all your online social media marketing woes: Building a great online presence is the same as building a great business. Small businesses get overwhelmed by the online world as they have less money to spend and there are so many options today. But if you build your online marketing strategy like you would a good small business, you will always be headed in the … Read More

B2B Marketing Strategy: Create a valuable White Paper

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B2B Marketing: How to Write a White Paper  A White Paper is a document used to educate readers and help them make decisions. Think of it as a ‘big fat report’ which addresses a particular issue or problematic topic and provides potential solutions and answers. White Papers are commonplace documents in politics and business, and are a valuable information resource. If you’re like most people in business, you are thinking “Why bother? Who’s going to read a 5, 10 or 20 page report? Waste of time!” And you’re partly right; … Read More

B2B Marketing: Copywriting skills to create powerful copy

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How to Test your B2B copy It is important in B2B Marketing to get your messages and pitch down pat, then it’s important to consider how your copy sounds and reads. After all, if it doesn’t engage your audience and flow well, people will simply stop reading. Here are some simple tips to test whether or not your copy reads well. 7 Methods for Testing Copy: Read it out loud to yourself. If you can’t read it smoothly or you get caught up or confused between sections, it needs more work. … Read More

B2B Marketing expertise: Identifying your Target Audience

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Maximise your B2B Marketing skills and identify your target audience To write compelling copy in B2B Marketing, you need to know your target audience – your VIPs. You already know your copy needs to speak to them – but who exactly are they? We’ve included two lists of questions below to help you target your copy; be as specific as possible when answering. If you aren’t sure of the answers, you’ll need to do more research on your VIPs. The following questions will help you think about the emotional ‘hot … Read More