Lead Creation’s List of B2B Marketing Services


Start a Conversation


How do you get your prospects talking back, the key metric of B2B Marketing?

Start by simply asking questions, because all good conversations start with questions.

We have created a process that starts and continues many hundreds of conversations with targeted prospects. We get your prospects talking back by asking them about issues in their world, issues that you solve. We call this approach ‘SAC’.

Our unique advantage?

  • We produce Insight Reports from these responses, which we share back with your prospects
  • We are the only company providing this combined research and marketing product
  • We focus on your best prospects (not random people)

Content Creation


Why has content marketing become the crucial B2B marketing ‘tool?

Today, every business has access to powerful publishing tools. Now you need a process to create valuable content to engage valuable prospects.

Powerful tools such as Hubspot are great at distributing your “stuff”: The problem is most companies have little content of value to share. Sales-oriented material is no longer effective and can even alienate your prospects. To exploit the new publishing opportunities and to establish you as experts in the field, valuable content is the missing link.

What is LC’s unique advantage in creating B2B Marketing Content?

  • Using your prospects’ ‘SAC’ responses we create valuable content for you and you have the attention of these many prospects
  • Creating content has been our prime focus for 8 years

Content Placement: Getting it read


Getting the right content to the right people at the right time is your goal. Getting into their inbox with content that they value and then having processes to stay in touch.

Just putting content on your website or posting on LinkedIn or Facebook where you only have a few thousand followers is not content placement. Or at least it’s not effective placement!

What Lead Creation does?

We direct message your VIP’s (Very Important Prospects) to start conversations and later link them to your content.


Positioning your brand in just a few words


What’s a tagline and why is it crucial for business success?

A great tagline is your mini ‘mission statement’: It sparks curiosity about the company and quickly demonstrates your value in just a few words.

Where is it most used and most valuable? At conferences and events when you are asked “What do you do?” The follow up ‘money question’ might then be asked if yours isshort and intriguing – “So how do you do that?”

What is LC’s unique advantage?

Creating taglines is one of our ‘Foundation Services’ that all your marketing will then be built on.

We create them with amazing speed – see our case studies for just how fast! Then we embed variations into all your messages and online content. How do we create great ones so quickly?

  1. We built a database of 3,040 real-world taglines, fantastic for sparking ideas to tailor for your business
  2. Then we get 7 of our team in a room with you and brainstorm it: powerful!

Trade Shows & ‘Booth Envy’: Attract the largest crowd, eager to learn about your service


Why do Trade Shows offer huge opportunities?

You have all your prospects in one place so you’re shooting fish in a barrel!

What is LC’s unique advantage?

We have interviewed many hundreds of exhibitors and worked at many shows – we know what works and what doesn’t. From this we have created a process that engages prospects even before the Show begins. Then ensures your booth is busy throughout the Show. And then that your follow up is timely and engaging with good content.
With our help, you will achieve a great measure of success: the envy of your booth neighbours!


Pay per click advertising


Why are they now a valuable component of B2B Marketing?

Adwords attract more customers and raise your Brand Awareness: You’re at the top of the Google page when your prospects are searching.

The cost is a small fraction of advertising in trade journals. You only pay when the ad works, and the right people take action.


Search Engine Optimization

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Why is optimising your website now essential in B2B?So you are found by your prospects.

The Key success for both SEO and Adwords? 

Well written copy that ensures two important outcomes:

  • When prospects arrive on your website, it is what they were searching for
  • Secondly, it encourages them to take action

Database Integration and Segmentation

Customer Relationship Management


Companies today have multiple databases apart from their main CRM, and they are rarely integrated. Databases include:

  • Social Networks including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Lists sourced from conferences and purchased lists
  • Newsletters subscribers

We integrate and segment these many databases into one powerful marketing asset.

Social Media Marketing


Of all the Social Media, the most powerful are the business networking platform, LinkedIn. It’s the most powerful tool for getting in touch with prospects and getting them talking back to you.

Lead Creation powers up LinkedIn in two ways:

  • As a live and dynamic ‘CRM’ where we personalise your message to reach thousands of contacts
  • Positioning you as the expert while creating and widely sharing interesting and engaging content.  

Through LinkedIn, we can segment your prospects by geography, industry, and job titles: Our clients use it to continuously fill their sales funnel with warm and segmented leads.

Feeding Hubspot


Hubspot is amazing, but its users have a big problem: Creating enough engaging content to share.

It’s time-consuming and difficult creating good content, but without it, Hubspot can’t fulfil its potential.

As Hubspot Certified Marketers, that’s what we do: Create engaging content sourced with the help of your prospects so you can deepen your relationship with them.

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