Industry Associations are in Danger: What Can You Do?

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It should be clear jusIndustry Associations Threats and Opportunities keys on a keyboardt how many threats there are to Industry Associations. Luckily, we have the solutions to help yours prosper in today’s climate.

All Industry Associations must continually assess the value they provide their members; that much is a given.

But, we see three additional steps for Industry Associations to turn threats into opportunities…


  1. Be the first in your field to build a LinkedIn Group (“LIG”) – with both critical mass in your market and engaged membership. Such a group is ideal both as a powerful marketing tool for attracting new members, and retaining existing membership. For nearly all Industry Associations it is too late to have the largest Group in their field, but there is time to build the largest in your region.
  2. Use new media tools to directly market towards prospective members. LinkedIn is perfect for this, and is so effective that we can safely guarantee results to clients.
  3. Target the student market, and aim to engage even before they graduate. Again, Social Media is ideal for efficiently and effectively building and maintaining connections.
    Some Associations have or are considering investing in a Private Network. Though this is an essential step in their survival strategy – being the prime tool for building engagement – it doesn’t negate the necessity of LIG’s.


LIG’s offer two things Private Networks cannot…

  1. Defence for what you have built. Without a successful LIG, you are allowing the main business networking ‘battle field’ to be dominated by many powerful competitors.
  2. A powerful marketing tool for driving members to your private network.
    While connections made offline are generally stronger, networking is far more efficient online. This leaves smaller Associations exposed to global threats, especially LIGs, large international Associations and growing websites. But with our advice and strategies, Associations can protect themselves from outside competition and even grow and dominate their sector. Good Luck!

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Cheers, Toby. [C118]

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