B2B Marketing: Don’t Understand Website Lingo? You Need A Translator

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Translators make it easier in B2B Marketing

SB2B Marketing: Translate button on a laptopay you’re planning a short business venture overseas. The language is foreign to you so you have two options:

  1. Spend a copious amount of time learning the language so you can understand and speak it fluently.
  2. Hire a translator to do it for you.

Now obviously hiring a translator may be the more expensive option (depending on how much you value your time), but
it is a rapid shortcut that will allow you to grasp the language well without having to learn it. And since you’re not planning on living there, there’s no point in you learning how to do it yourself.

Website development also has shortcuts for those unfamiliar with the language.

Perhaps you already hire a web designer to update your website, but occasionally you just wish that you had a little more control. But you’re not planning on becoming a website developer are you? So why would you want to spend copious amounts of time learning the web development language?

You need a translator—AKA a Content Management System (CMS)

A ‘translator’ in website-speak is called a CMS, or a Content Management System. It means that you can put up a webpage with little technical knowledge.

Without a CMS though, if you just wanted to change a heading on a web page, you would have to input HTML code as follows:

to change the heading to ‘I’m red!’

A CMS like Squarespace allows you to edit your website as easily as you would a blog, or your Facebook account, but it is more customisable. Changing this or that colour, or the text on your homepage doesn’t entail you becoming fluent in HTML. It is easily customisable for the website-newbie, as opposed to WordPress, where design customisation can be complicated for a non-technical person.

A CMS ‘translates’ for you so you can control your online presence

Having control over your online presence is absolutely vital, but it can become expensive if you have to pay someone for even little fixes. So if you’re not planning on living permanently in the web development world, a CMS can pave the road in-between, without you having to become an expert in the local dialect.

Give Lead Creation a call and we can fill in the gaps in your technical knowledge so you can be on your way to gaining full control over your web presence.

Accelerate your B2B Marketing Knowledge and learn more about improving your copy.

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