Clinging for Dear Life (to your ideas)?

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We all have fears when thinking of refreshing our marketing – time, cost, ROI…

But from time to time, we hear this nugget…

“We don’t want our competitors to see our ideas”.

Sort of valid, but guess what?!


If they can’t see them, your prospects can’t either…

Like it or not, the majority of your potential clients are online, researching and gathering ideas before you’re even on a shortlist.

Let us give you an example of what we mean…

Why your celebrity chef is rich and famous

Anthill Online stirred a discussion recently on “why is your celebrity chef rich and famous?”. We could think of no better example to illustrate our point…

The answer?

They give away their recipes – their tips and their personal advice. Their IP!

The chefs that do this are well known, and highly paid. Think Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson…

Not interested in becoming a celebrity chef?

Doesn’t matter.

The lesson here is that the people who do this inspire their audience. They break down how they do their best work. They empower their audience to think they can do it too…

What happens? Are you out of a job?

Certainly not. What you have won is their trust. They know you can do it and trust you’re the expert. They’ve tried it themselves and know they need a professional.

We’ve seen many try DIY Social Media before they understand how hard it is to get a result. How many years it takes to learn from your mistakes and get a kick-ass strategy.

Sure, the tyre-kickers will make do with a subpar, makeshift solution they’ve done themselves. But who wants them as clients anyway?

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Cheers, Toby [C1215]

B2B Marketing expert, Toby Marshall, is the founder of LC.