B2B Marketing: Let your Copy do the ‘Heavy-Lifting’

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The power of B2B Marketing Copy

B2B Marketing: Copywriting power and its benefits

When it comes to copywriting, copy does the ‘heavy lifting’ of your marketing in terms of developing initial client relationships, and doing it with thousands. This is critical in the competitive world of B2B Marketing.

The fact is that people don’t buy a $5,000 or $50,000 service from someone they don’t know, just because they looked at a website. A relationship based on knowledge and trust needs to arise before they will commit to using your services.

Good copy sparks a relationship between potential clients and your business. If your copy is relevant to the reader, well-written and has a subtle sales angle, then it’s the first step to developing a potential buying relationship.

Strong copy helps you stay in the forefront of their minds, while subtly positioning you as the expert in your field. When they are ready to commit, they’ll think of you first.

A Good Copywriter will:

  1. Capture and hold the attention of your VIPs. If they don’t bother to read about you or watch your video, they certainly won’t bother to buy from you.
  2.   Gain their interest through engaging words that tell a story and speak to them as individuals, tapping into their fears and desires.
  3. Arouse their desire for your product/service by promoting its benefits and positioning it as the solution to the problem they’ve been experiencing. You need to have researched what your VIPs want and what they fear. Then you can tap into their emotions to really engage their desire. The words must subtly position your company as the expert in your field, and offer evidence to bolster your credibility; then potential clients will begin to trust you and feel more comfortable about committing their money to you.
  4. Empower them to take action. This is the most important part of a copywriter’s job! It’s not enough to write a pitch that stands out from the many hundreds of advertising messages we see every day; it must go a step further. It needs to prompt your VIPs to act. It must make them take time out of their day, think about what you’re offering, weigh up the pros and cons, decide it’s a good idea for them, and then pick up the phone or get online and contact you.

This four-step writing formula is often shortened to AIDAAttention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

It must be your foundation whenever you come to write new copy or re-write old copy that no longer achieves its purpose.

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