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How to Test your B2B copy

It is important in B2B Marketing to get your messages and pitch down pat, then it’s important to consider how your copy sounds and reads. After all, if it doesn’t engage your audience and flow well, people will simply stop reading. Here are some simple tips to test whether or not your copy reads well.

B2B Marketing: words have power

7 Methods for Testing Copy:

  1. Read it out loud to yourself. If you can’t read it smoothly or you get caught up or confused between sections, it needs more work. This can happen if you’ve copied and pasted sections from different documents—it sounds ‘choppy’ and is hard to read.
  1. Have someone else read it aloud—a friend, colleague or your partner. But beware, some people are naturally theatrical and can make even bad copy sound good or vice versa. Get them to read it out as close to a monotone as you can. If it bores   you or grates in places, you need to edit it again.
  1. Have a year 9 or 10 high school student read it aloud. This reveals whether you’ve used words that maybe the ‘average Joe’ doesn’t use very frequently or is industry jargon that outsiders, including customers, don’t know. Teenagers usually have the added advantage of being straight with you; they’re likely to tell it like it is.
  1. Try it out on peers/associates/the office—they will probably raise objections or pick up on quirks you didn’t even consider.
  1. Try it out on another copywriter—but be careful as sometimes other writers can’t fight the urge to rewrite the whole thing for you. Explain your target market and ask them to focus specifically on the structure and flow of your piece, and whether it’s engaging and convincing. Ask them what they might change or which bits lagged, which is great feedback.
  1. Try it out on customers and potential customers, if possible, and ask what they thought, or what they didn’t believe.
  1. Search for weaknesses—check things like the rhythm of your copy. Add variety with short and long sentences to keep it interesting. You’d be surprised at the difference made, by altering sentence structures.

To how engaging. And effective. Your piece is. Just kidding, but do experiment and make it different!

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