B2B Marketing expertise: Identifying your Target Audience

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Maximise your B2B Marketing skills and identify your target audience

B2B Marketing: choosing your target audience

To write compelling copy in B2B Marketing, you need to know your target audience – your VIPs. You already know your copy needs to speak to them – but who exactly are they?

We’ve included two lists of questions below to help you target your copy; be as specific as possible when answering. If you aren’t sure of the answers, you’ll need to do more research on your VIPs.

The following questions will help you think about the emotional ‘hot buttons’ you can push to encourage your potential client to act. By speaking to their emotions, you will have gone a long way to convincing them that you identify with them and know the specific problems they face. Then it’s more believable when you declare that you can solve their problems, and they’re far more likely to buy from you.

Have the answers nearby before, during and after you write your copy. Why after? It’s for when you come back to edit it; copy can always be improved by leaving time between drafts. That way, you clear the clutter of ideas and read your copy with a fresh lens.

Questions to ask yourself about your audience:

  • Who are your VIPs? (Men? Women? Ages? Career? Etc.) Note that ‘everyone’ isn’t an answer, and will result in messages that don’t resonate with anybody.
  • What keeps them awake at night?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • What are they angry about? Who are they angry at?
  • What are their main three daily frustrations?
  • What trends are occurring in their businesses or lives?
  • What do they secretly, ardently desire most?
  • Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions? (E.g.engineers = analytical).
  • Do they have their own “language” or terminology? If so, give examples of words and phrases used.
  • What magazines/publications do they read?
  • What websites/forums do they visit?
  • What do they type into Google?
  • Who else is selling something similar to them and how?

Questions to ask yourself about your business:

  • What are all the features of your service? Don’t leave anything out… put whatever you can down. This takes time but is very rewarding.
  • What are the major benefits your customer gets from your services? The difference between a fact/feature and a benefit is that a fact/feature is something your service does …while a benefit does something for your customer.
  • What type of guarantee can you offer? The stronger the better. The aim of your guarantee is to “reverse the risk” of customers deciding to choose you to conduct their business.
  • What’s your offer? What are you going to offer as an incentive to your prospects?
  • What level of service and support do you provide, compared to your competitors?
  • Why would your prospects NOT buy what you’re offering? List as many reasons as you can e.g. is it price? Is it that they don’t trust you? List them all.

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Cheers, Toby [B55]

Toby leads a team of young and international B2B Marketers at Lead Creation