B2B Marketing: The power of your copy precisely targeting your niche

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B2B Marketing requires focusing your Copy only on your Target Audience

In B2B Marketing, try using a ‘storytelling’ approach when writing your copy in order to appeal to who you want to appeal to.

In B2B Marketing you need to ask yourself, what else can you do to make your copy compelling? You can aim it squarely at your target audience – your VIPs.

Keep in mind these three questions when writing your marketing copy:

  1.       Who do you want to respond?
  2.       Who don’t you want to respond?
  3.       What incentive will you offer to compel them to respond?

B2B Marketing: the main focus of your copy is your target audience

First off, your copy must appeal only to the people who you want to respond.7

Whatever you sell, you must know who your VIPs are, as they are your target; it cannot be ‘everyone’. Therefore the voice, tone, style and language of your copy must reflect that niche audience. Use words and jargon that they use, reference things they know, make jokes that they laugh at….

Skilled copywriters use storytelling, because they know that’s what interests and engages people, but unless you know your audience you won’t be narrating the right story. Stories that appeal to your VIPs always sell.

You must know exactly what kind of customer you want to attract because of a fundamental marketing truth: companies, even large ones, can only ever reach a niche market.

If you are a big company, you could of course reach multiple niches and the niches can be very large—but you must address each separately.

Secondly, by focusing your copy to speak directly to the life and emotions of your target market, you automatically weed out those you don’t want.

It won’t resonate with them and so it won’t stick in their minds. Being more specific in your copy means you only get your VIPs contacting you.

The simplest way to do this is by saying: “This (product or service) cannot help everyone. But if you’re x, or you’ve got y problem, or (other specific factors), than we can make a positive difference in your life.”

You can also say, “If you’re x or you think y, then we can’t help you.” It doesn’t hurt to be specific in your copy. The more work it does up front to appeal to your VIPs the better and weeding out those who aren’t likely to buy, or are likely to be overly difficult customers, makes your life much easier.

The last, and perhaps most important thing, to consider when writing copy is ‘What incentive can you offer to encourage a response?’

Create a sense of urgency in your copy; state that the following offer ‘will only be valid for a limited time’ (but give a good reason for this – a believable and true one).

You can link your offer to an upcoming holiday—e.g. Christmas or Easter—to create a sense that this offer is being limited only to a specific timeframe. A deadline for response definitely encourages immediate action and that is what we’re usually after.

You might also include a free ‘gift’, which acts as an incentive to get people to respond now. The gift may be information or access to an information resource. You might offer a White Paper on a particular topic which is magnetic to your target market; or it may be a free consultation with you; alternatively you may offer something simply fun and quirky—like a free mouse pad or coffee cup for the first 20 (or however many) customers to respond.

Deadlines, bonuses and free gifts (even when a little goofy) encourage people to act now and help them get over their initial apathy. Think about what your target market wants, and about what free gift will appeal to those wants, and you’ve found a sure-fire way to get them to respond to your copy.

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Toby is the founder of the B2B marketing company: Lead Creation