The Laws of SEO for B2B Marketing

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The key SEO Laws for selling to others in B2B Marketing

That’s a lot of acronyms in one title!B2B Marketing: SEO But we need to ask—do B2B Marketing businesses have to do things differently to B2C businesses?

The answer is “yes—slightly” and here are the key SEO laws for companies selling to other businesses:

  1. Google treats every page and every link equally, so ultimately B2B business SEO is the same. The main difference lies in your strategy. Typically in B2B you have hundreds of competitors and so the short keywords in your field are highly competitive; if your budget is limited you need to target the longer tail, lower traffic, and lower cost words.
  2. If you don’t have a niche, don’t even think about SEO. It’s a complete waste of time unless you are a giant corporation with the resources to blow everyone else out of the water. How can you possibly optimise for everything and compete without a huge budget? You need to decide who your VIPs (Very Important Prospects) are, then target your SEO and your content to them.
  3. The Google Algorithm doesn’t matter to you. It’s irrelevant for B2B companies. Neither does the fact that Google is constantly tweaking it to try to achieve its mission of improving the relevancy of what appears when we all search online. There are a few fundamental rules of SEO that will never change for your business:
  • Publish relevant content about your niche area, which matches what people are searching for
  • Links to your site from other relevant content sites are
  • Adding regular content is important
  • Links to your site should be authentic. Avoid paid-for important links and duplicate content. It won’t improve your rank and is essentially just spam.

B2B Marketing SEO is not complicated; it begins with identifying who your VIPs are and then focusing on that niche. It continues with incorporating long tail keywords that provide relatively less traffic but more qualified leads.

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Cheers, Toby  [B24]

Toby is the founder of the B2B marketing company: Lead Creation