The one trick to selling B2B online


This post was inspired by many client questions leading to one core issue…how do I sell online?

For example, one of our clients asked whether they could promote services through a status update.

Another asked whether they could focus their newsletter on a new product.

The trick to selling online? Don’t.

There’s no shortcut to making the sale.

The problem is that we’re resorting to old habits of telling and selling. This is what marketing used to be – “hit and run”. One off campaigns.

But time to wake up…the world has changed.

People have built up immunity to advertisements – information overload would drown us if we didn’t.

So your only chance of really selling now is by genuinely helping the buyer with their problems.

Yes, it sounds time consuming. But hey, that method got you this far in the article, didn’t it? Selling in this age means building a relationship and credibility over time.

The flip side

The flip side of things is what happens when you do sell:

  1. They ignore you – it’s not memorable.
  2. They shut you out (unsubscribe, disconnect…).
  3. It annoys or offends them. The worst of all.

So, where do you start?

  1. What is your niche?
  2. How can you reach them?
  3. What do you have to share that they need to know?
  4. Do you have a reason to stay in touch?

For us, the answer is:

  • Companies that sell B2B – e.g. IT companies
  • LinkedIn Groups – 1000s of members that are reachable
  • How to market with LinkedIn
  • This blog!

Ironically, you can shorten your sales cycle if you stop selling and start educating. But old habits do die hard.

More ways to Engage prospects for Lead Generation here.

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  1. mark wooltorton

    i am a roofing specialist , is there any way this information could help me .

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