B2B Marketing: Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

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Riding the wave of change in B2B Marketing

If B2B Marketing was an animal, you could say it’s changing from a sheep to a dragon. Huh…?!

You would have sensed a wave of change over how people market and sell their products and services. It’s a convergence of social networking, online video and search that has formed a new landscape for business to operate in; changing the marketing landscape.

We moved into ‘new media marketing’ nine years ago and have seen the sea change happen first-hand for B2B companies.

We saw traditional marketing methods like ads in industry magazines, cold emails and telemarketing leave company coffers a lot lighter without delivering results.

Not only that, B2B sales are infrequent and have a longer sales cycle. So your prospects are not always ready to buy – you need to stay uppermost in their minds until they are ready.

Until now it was hard to do this cost effectively. Corporations with large marketing budgets could keep filling the coffers and stay in regular contact with their customers. Smaller companies couldn’t.

B2B Marketing: Traditional vs online marketingTechnology now allows you to gather all your customers and prospects in one place and keep them engaged. Then when they’re ready to buy, it’s you.

This way businesses with limited budgets but lots of know-how can build a customer network methodically and on solid foundations. They can quickly dominate their niche in the new landscape.

And those who don’t adapt? They become dinosaurs, dated by their old beliefs and methods that no longer work.


So how do you get your prospects talking back using these new tools? Through the Gather Engage Sell model… it’s very different to the Gather, Sell, Sell model of old!

Another way to look at it…

Converse First | Convert later

Sell too often or too early and your prospects will clamber over themselves… to escape your clutches!

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Cheers, Toby   [B11]

Toby leads the Lead Creation Team, the only Australian marketing agency with government research funding