B2B Marketing Strategy: 3 key tips for Copywriting

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Upskill your B2B Marketing with these copywriting tips… The B2B Marketing Copy ‘Wow effect’ Tips We will leave you with three additional tips to bear in mind when you are sitting down to write any marketing copy: Only Sales Matter—Repeat: only sales results matter. Branding is a nice by-product but is of little value to a business with hundreds of direct competitors. Most businesses are simply too small for it to have any impact in an incredibly crowded market, and even big businesses struggle. Don’t even think about trying to create … Read More

B2B Marketing Strategy: Create a valuable White Paper

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B2B Marketing: How to Write a White Paper  A White Paper is a document used to educate readers and help them make decisions. Think of it as a ‘big fat report’ which addresses a particular issue or problematic topic and provides potential solutions and answers. White Papers are commonplace documents in politics and business, and are a valuable information resource. If you’re like most people in business, you are thinking “Why bother? Who’s going to read a 5, 10 or 20 page report? Waste of time!” And you’re partly right; … Read More

B2B Marketing: Copywriting skills to create powerful copy

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How to Test your B2B copy It is important in B2B Marketing to get your messages and pitch down pat, then it’s important to consider how your copy sounds and reads. After all, if it doesn’t engage your audience and flow well, people will simply stop reading. Here are some simple tips to test whether or not your copy reads well. 7 Methods for Testing Copy: Read it out loud to yourself. If you can’t read it smoothly or you get caught up or confused between sections, it needs more work. … Read More

B2B Marketing expertise: Identifying your Target Audience

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Maximise your B2B Marketing skills and identify your target audience To write compelling copy in B2B Marketing, you need to know your target audience – your VIPs. You already know your copy needs to speak to them – but who exactly are they? We’ve included two lists of questions below to help you target your copy; be as specific as possible when answering. If you aren’t sure of the answers, you’ll need to do more research on your VIPs. The following questions will help you think about the emotional ‘hot … Read More

B2B Marketing: The power of your copy precisely targeting your niche

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B2B Marketing requires focusing your Copy only on your Target Audience In B2B Marketing, try using a ‘storytelling’ approach when writing your copy in order to appeal to who you want to appeal to. In B2B Marketing you need to ask yourself, what else can you do to make your copy compelling? You can aim it squarely at your target audience – your VIPs. Keep in mind these three questions when writing your marketing copy:       Who do you want to respond?       Who don’t you want to respond?       What incentive will you … Read More

B2B Marketing: Let your Copy do the ‘Heavy-Lifting’

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The power of B2B Marketing Copy When it comes to copywriting, copy does the ‘heavy lifting’ of your marketing in terms of developing initial client relationships, and doing it with thousands. This is critical in the competitive world of B2B Marketing. The fact is that people don’t buy a $5,000 or $50,000 service from someone they don’t know, just because they looked at a website. A relationship based on knowledge and trust needs to arise before they will commit to using your services. Good copy sparks a relationship between potential … Read More

B2B Marketing Strategy: How to Write Great Content

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How to write great Content when you don’t know what to write When you sit down to write your next B2B Marketing blog post and the blank page seems like the loneliest place in the world, what do you do? The problem of what to write affects all content writers at some point. You know your business needs to push out informative and interesting content – but haven’t you said it all already? Hasn’t someone else? In a word – no! You haven’t said it all. Or at least you … Read More

B2B Marketing: Success with Copywriting

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The Power of Copywriting for B2B Marketing Good B2B Marketing copywriting is not about promoting your service or product. With good B2B Marketing  comes with good copywriting, you must convince your readers that your promises are realistic and likely to happen for them. This means that the credibility and believability of your sales copy are what will make it effective or not. So how do you increase credibility? Credibility is demonstrated by: Your qualifications (and those of your employees) How long you’ve been in business Your track record Awards and distinctions you’ve received Your reputation … Read More