B2B Marketing: Know who you’re talking to – anyone can be a prospect

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You want to learn how to attract your prospects in B2B Marketing? Here you can find a Matrix how to identify your prospects. The Matrix These four alternatives give us a matrix of four quadrants. In each quadrant you need to comfortably and consistently answer the question with an appropriate level of detail and energy. To illustrate, here are examples for our business, Lead Creation, followed by some comments explaining a bit more about each quadrant. Not a Prospect Prospect Social Setting 1 I work in Social Media and Internet … Read More

B2B Marketing tool Conversation: Converting a prospect into a client

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Converting a prospect to a client with one B2B Marketing tool: Conversation. When you’re in a business setting  and you know the person you’re talking to could be a prospect, here are three general tips to continue the conversation: Position Your Company as the expert This is a carefully crafted sentence (one sentence only) that describes who you are and what you do for your customers. For example: “Within a year, our customers typically save 5 times more than they spent to install our project management software.” “We help companies … Read More

B2B Marketing: The 10 Golden ‘Elevator Pitch’ Rules

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The true ‘Elevator Pitch’ in B2B Marketing is your story. The original idea behind the elevator pitch was to have a short piece to say to a potential customer whom you happen to meet by chance. A true ‘elevator pitch’ presents you and your offering in a casual, socially-acceptable manner whereby you introduce yourself and your firm in the natural context of a conversation. That means no sales pitch. Period! Here are the 10 tips on how to do just that: A great ‘Elevator’ provides just enough information to hook the listener … Read More

B2B Marketing: Set up a meeting with a prospect in just 4 questions

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Give a special answer in B2B Marketing about what you do. An Unconventional Answer to “what do you do?” I love this cheeky idea from Jeffrey Hayzlett which is described below, and I’ve started to use it. I’ve changed his language a little as his example was in a cold call environment (15 years since my last cold call!) and Jeffrey used this approach once he had the guy on the phone interested. I believe it is better used as an ‘Elevator’ at a social event, as it can get … Read More

B2B Marketing: Nobody listens to Sales Pitches, so stop!

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What would you say about your own B2B Marketing Sales Pitch? Don’t Feed the Negativity Let’s start with a simple fact: Nobody listens to Sales Pitches! Do you? I don’t, especially if they are coming from someone I just met. To make matters worse, when people give their ‘elevator pitch’, they talk as fast as they can, to cram as much information into as short a time as possible. Sales trainers call this the ‘spray and pray’ approach. It’s not only ineffective—it’s irritating because your listener didn’t sign up for … Read More

B2B Marketing: ‘What do you do for a living?’

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What would you say in 7 words or less? Your answer must be short, appropriate for B2B Marketing: ‘What do you do for a Living?’ the different situations where you are asked, and compelling. B2B Marketing “The purpose of an elevator pitch isn’t to close the sale. It’s to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you’re with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over.” Seth Godin Unfortunately, many business people think an elevator pitch is a one-to-three-minute sales pitch that you could … Read More

B2B Marketing: Why True Elevator Pitches are Lead Generation Magnets

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True B2B Marketing Elevator Pitches are… skilfully created in such a way that people listening will not even know they are being “pitched” to – and that becomes a lead generation magnet. Much of the shrinking away from elevator pitches is because so many people get them horribly wrong, so let’s look at how we go about creating compelling ones. No Sales Pitch! Period! The original idea behind the elevator pitch was to have a short piece to say to a potential customer whom you happen to meet by chance. … Read More

B2B Marketing: Creating an Infectious Elevator Pitch

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How do you present yourself in B2B Marketing?   Last week a business told us “we just don’t resonate with potential clients”. Their phone had stopped ringing; it was a struggle to get through to people. To show prospects how they were different. So whilst you might have a variety of buzz words for it… elevator pitch, positioning statement, value proposition…the answer to the question ‘what do you do?’ is actually the most vital and challenging piece of your marketing, it’s where the rubber hits the road. You’ve got less than 20 seconds … Read More