B2B Marketing Strategy: Do Groups Threaten Your NFP?

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Our research has identified LinkedIn Groups (LIG’s) as one of the largest dangers to local Associations, and a key component of the Hypercompetition Associations now face. But which industries should be most concerned? The simple answer: most of them. Wherever competitors have larger LIG’s than their local counterparts, those Associations have cause for concern. All it takes for these larger LIG’s to dominate is a slight improvement in engagement strategy. They already have the numbers, so gaining a huge marketing advantage is only a few tweaks away. Here are 36 … Read More

LinkedIn: What Makes Conversations on Groups ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’?

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LinkedIn Strategy: The quality of a Conversation is a ‘grey area’ and causes much confusion! The problem is that, in any group, there will likely be a vast majority of professional members there for all the right reasons. But there are also some ‘sales opportunists’ and ‘self-promoters’ who join for marketing reasons. The problem is, their posts may essentially look the same. There’s nothing wrong per se in using LinkedIn as a marketing tool – but in the interests of the group as a whole, discussions need to be free of this … Read More

Making connections: own your confidence

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LinkedIn without connections is like Facebook without friends, like Twitter without followers. Make it useful! Connect with anyone you have had a relationship with; this can be clients, business partners or former employers/employees. Also, connect with your friends (their connections can be helpful) and with anyone else who might be useful. Identify your niche clients, your VIPs, and connect with them You can upload connections from your email through Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail and AOL. LinkedIn will identify the contacts in your address book that have LinkedIn profiles from their … Read More

Recommendations: Earn more, Stress less

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Now, recommendations are what make LinkedIn really powerful. Why are they better than other testimonials? Because they come with a resume and contact details attached. Sure, many people have junk ones from friends and colleagues, or even worse, fake ones with just initials (like fake testimonials). But they aren’t hard to spot and they can actually do more harm than good, as they demonstrate a lack of ‘commercial nous, a lack of ‘street smarts’. ’Recommendations are vital for building credibility, giving potential clients or employers an understanding of your strengths and capabilities. … Read More

Experts Guide to LinkedIn

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You haven’t achieved anything by just creating a profile – now the real work begins. Professional Headline A Professional Headline needs to be descriptive (to your specific niche) with a maximum of 120 characters. This part of your Profile is vital because it appears in Search Results – which means it follows you around and is what encourages people to either click on the link and go to your Profile ….or sadly not to click! For optimal results, all 120 characters should be used it needs to persuade your target audience to … Read More

B2B Lead Generation: The Biggest Mistake You Should Avoid on LinkedIn

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Almost everything that happens to you on LinkedIn starts with your profile. So it’s amazing just how few professionals get it right with this important part of their online presence. We see the same mistakes over and over again. But what’s the biggest blunder of them all – if it was to be summed up in a sentence? For the answer we turn to a LinkedIn expert: Ron Nash was an early adopter who started out using LinkedIn in 2003 and since then has become a trusted authority on using … Read More

Expert on LinkedIn: The Next Step

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You’re on your way to become the expert on LinkedIn, good job! Time for the next step. Create a Strong Profile to Sell Yourself LinkedIn is about growing your business connections and, before starting your networking, you need to create a complete and commanding Profile. This becomes your ‘personal brand’. It will be viewed by your industry peers and potential clients in the business community, and should be focused, well composed and easy for others to find. This is the big tip with LinkedIn profiles… Give it some Personality! Also, … Read More

To understand the culture of LinkedIn

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Like we mentioned in our last post about Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn is NOT Facebook. They are very different. So what is the culture of LinkedIn? From a business viewpoint, LinkedIn can be thought of as ‘strategic philanthropy’ – helping others but with an ultimate goal in mind. By offering advice, tips, expertise and generally being helpful you are offering value to your connections and positioning yourself as likeable, approachable and, most importantly, knowledgeable in your field. You will become known as the ‘XXXX guru’, a market leader and the … Read More