B2B Marketing Ideas: The BS is BS!

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I was at an event the other day when I overheard the Managing Director of an Accounting Association mutter “the BS is BS”. (The first BS stands for balance sheet!) Why is the BS BS? Because the value of modern companies lay predominantly in their (harder to measure) intangibles such as their intellectual property, brand recognition and business cultures/methodologies. What the accountants measure and what we naively hold in highest esteem are the tangible, physical assets. So when you hear the boss of an Accounting Association say this, one can’t … Read More

B2B Marketing Boost: Change your Strategy

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Changing your B2B marketing strategy is like changing your lifestyle to a healthy one: you have to try before you find out it will deliver you amazing results. So why do people resist Social Networking in B2B Marketing? Social Networking has become a well-recognised sales tool but regardless, there are companies who actively avoid it. The 4 biggest reasons we hear for this: “It’s too difficult to measure ROI”. The reality is you can measure ROI in the new media if you have clear goals and strategies. For example, you … Read More

B2B Marketing: Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

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Riding the wave of change in B2B Marketing If B2B Marketing was an animal, you could say it’s changing from a sheep to a dragon. Huh…?! You would have sensed a wave of change over how people market and sell their products and services. It’s a convergence of social networking, online video and search that has formed a new landscape for business to operate in; changing the marketing landscape. We moved into ‘new media marketing’ nine years ago and have seen the sea change happen first-hand for B2B companies. We … Read More

B2B Marketing: Turning downloads into sales

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How much do you think downloads matter when it comes to B2B Marketing? The Elephant in the room: Downloads don’t Turn into Sales Immediately in B2B Marketing Downloads are simply “early phase buyers” or “researchers” who might later turn into prospects/clients. However they haven’t downloaded wanting a sales call, they just want relevant information. A download is another touch on the way to a sale, one more towards your goal of 6 or more. So the real question is: What is the role of marketing? Marketing starts a simple relationship … Read More

B2B Marketing: How to use Technology at Tradeshows to boost your ROI

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Tradeshows have long been effective for meeting prospects and promoting your business in B2B Marketing. A great place to network, start conversations with VIPs and maybe bag a few freebies. The new powerful technologies of B2B Marketing Now there are powerful new technologies that can revolutionise the value you get from hiring, building and managing a stand – which is always a big investment. Based on our experience and extensive research at shows, here are 10 tips to optimize your metrics and ensure success.  What is interesting is that nearly all … Read More

B2B Marketing: Why Cold Calling isn’t working anymore

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There’s no better combination than a soft couch, a bag of chips, a cat on your lap, and an unknown person (seller) calling you all the time. Are telemarketing and cold emailing an effective way of B2B Marketing? The simple answer is no. There are 4 reasons why… Even the most ardent fans admit it’s less effective than it used to be. Everyone’s tolerance of being interrupted whether by phone or email is falling—there’s too much of it because it’s so easy with the new technologies. So there is too … Read More

B2B Marketing: Gathering and Engaging are the keys to more sales

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Move over “Gather Sell Sell”. In B2B Marketing it’s time for “Gather Engage Sell”! Gather Engage Sell in B2B Marketing Since the dawn of commerce, the concept of gathering clients and selling to them has existed. The first markets were just a few hours’ ride or walk from farms and were the first to gather buyers and sellers together. Then we had bigger markets with the growth of ‘market towns’. Then readers and viewers were gathered by newspapers, catalogues and TV, what is now called ‘old media. What online technology, … Read More