B2B Marketing: How to create Believable Testimonials

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The hierarchy of B2B Marketing Testimonial credibility In B2B Marketing, your credibility varies depending on how your information is delivered; particularly when it comes to testimonials. Understanding which types of testimonials are more powerful than others can make a substantial difference in the amount of effort you put in to make a sale. Here is the testimonial hierarchy: The most powerful method is Meeting with the prospect In Person The second is Video Then it’s Audio Finally, Text is last With testimonials, it is better if your endorser (your testimonial provider) meets your … Read More

B2B Marketing: Online Testimonials are junk? Think again.

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Are Client Testimonials really rubbish? Are you a member of Testimonial Skeptics? When it comes to B2B Marketing, business people who believe online testimonials are rubbish are members of a huge club. Many business people think that using testimonials are just self-serving; that you never see a bad one; that they are usually just from friends and so are worthless. Many business people are skeptical, thinking that using testimonials are just self-serving; that you never see a bad one; that they are usually just from friends and so are worthless. And … Read More

B2B Marketing: How to turn happy Clients into your biggest advocates

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B2B Marketing: The Questions you need to Ask Your Happy Client In B2B Marketing, a stellar testimonial is not general or vague praise—the most convincing are detailed and specific. To get a great one you need to ask the right questions about the things you’d like to promote. What were the specific benefits our product provided? What measurable results did you see? How soon did you see these results? Have you used other service providers or products like ours before and been unsatisfied? Did our products/services save you time or money, … Read More

B2B Marketing: Testimonials speak louder than you ever could!

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Customers these days are way savvier than what they used to be. Twenty years ago B2B Marketers were in control and it was about broadcasting our stuff to the masses. We were ‘telling and selling’. Today, just because you say your service is excellent doesn’t mean you will be believed. In fact, they usually won’t; we are all rightly a lot more skeptical. In the world of B2B Marketing, this is particularly true—the stakes are higher and everything is more complex. So buyers need to question everything. Overcoming a Prospect’s lack of Trust in … Read More

B2B Marketing: 6 ways to spread your Testimonials to the market

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Thought of using your testimonials as a B2B Marketing tool? Maximizing the Power of Testimonials in your B2B Marketing Apart from your website, where else can you use them? Why not decorate reception walls and offices with framed testimonials and a picture of the testimonial giver, rather than simply hanging paintings and logos? Print them on your company stationery, envelopes or packaging? If you have the name of your business on a car or van, put some there too. Have a FAQ section on your website where testimonials answer all … Read More

B2B Marketing: The easiest way to get glowing Testimonials from your Clients

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Here’s your one step solution to get glowing testimonials in your B2B Marketing The key Testimonial Tip in B2B Marketing Sometimes, even your best clients can’t put into words how great you are. And you don’t want to stress them during their busy days for a glowing testimonial. It’s important that your client keeps positive feelings towards you and the feeling that you’re there to help. Final tip: Some clients just love your service and many will even have become friends. It’s true they will say whatever you want them … Read More

B2B Marketing: 5 ways to boost Believability in your Testimonials

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Five ways to upgrade trust in your B2B Marketing In B2B Marketing, the level of trust in your testimonials will affect the level of credibility in your business. Here are 5 ways to raise your testimonial believability: Prove authenticity: If your clients send it to you via letter, fax or email, you can document the date, time and sender and provide this wherever you use the testimonial. For an email you could do a screen capture (In Windows by pressing the Print Screen button and then pasting it into Paint and saving the … Read More

B2B Marketing: Do Client Testimonials really work?

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In B2B Marketing, client Testimonials don’t work … when you’re not using them! More often than not, businesses fail to effectively utilize client testimonials in their B2B Marketing. When working with new clients, one of the followings usually applies: The company has not collected any testimonials The testimonials are plain and boring and are rarely if ever used They have written testimonials, but no videos—which are much more powerful Or worst of all—they have a lot of great testimonials (and/or clients who are willing to give more) but they are not … Read More