Marketing Internships at Lead Creation


If you want to work with some of the most enthusiastic, creative and energetic people you’re ever likely to meet, then you’re in the right place: our marketing internships are globally recognised.

We are a dynamic business building social campaigns for B2B companies, and are constantly searching for bright university students to contribute innovative ideas and collaborate on our client projects. If you have the right attitude and are wanting a great experience, then please apply for one of our marketing internships.


You are invited to join our creative team and share your experiences with us. See what some of our interns did on one of our regular company retreats to the magical Seal Rocks…

Marketing Internships: Katrina Wong Technical Account Manager at Microsoft

Lead Creation was flexible enough to let me work in end-to-end intern recruitment which has helped me take on many people management related projects in my current role, such as sitting on the Diversity and Inclusion Council, and helping our Internal Communications team run the big quarterly company meetings. Working at Lead Creation was a great experience that I would recommend to any undergraduate student looking to get their foot in the marketing industry!

Katrina Wong
Technical Account Manager at Microsoft

Full time positions & Undergraduate Internships

All full time positions are only available to those that successfully complete an undergraduate internship.

Requirements and applications

As well as being awesome, you must fulfill the following criteria to intern with us:

  • You are an undergraduate (internationals may also be studying post graduate or be an English student).
  • You have worked part-time while at school/university with at least 12 months in one of your casual jobs. Any casual student job is fine, including cafes, bars, retail, building, etc.
  • You can work both autonomously and effectively within a team.
  • Australian interns: You can work a minimum of 16 hours per week for a total of 20 days and it must be related to your studies.
  • You have very strong communication skills and attention to detail.
  • You are eager to learn and be involved.
  • You love technology.

Please note: Internships are unpaid.


Please send your resume and a short covering letter in a single file to Kularam Mageswaramoorthy (Human Resources Coordinator) at

We are taking written applications only. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered. Please create 1 PDF file that has the cover letter as well as the resume attached.

What interns say about our internships

I’m loving my time at Lead Creation. I’ve learnt so much about HR and about how to manage an office. If you want responsibilities and interesting work, they give it to you – it’s then up to you to manage your time and tasks. I really enjoy the weekly brainstorming sessions with the entire team where we’ve developed some great ideas and new processes.

The team here are all young people, everybody is very supportive and a lot of fun to work with. Next month they are giving a party to celebrate my 21st and I’m really excited about it because we had a lot of fun at our previous BBQ’s and LC parties, the work environment is amazing. I’ll definitely miss the LC family when I go back to Germany.

This internship was by far the best I’ve ever had and I’m sure it’ll help me find my future jobs.

If you have questions about my time at Lead Creation feel free to send me an e-mail to

Joyce Herlyn
HR Manager

My marketing internship at LC was my first work experience and I was clearly anxious before starting it. I can now honestly say that it’s the best experience – both social and professional – that I ever had, and it’s hard to sum it up in a few sentences.

A marketing internship at LC gives you the opportunity to quickly gain incredible responsibilities – it’s only up to you to show your commitment and ability to manage the tasks you’re being given. As a community client services supervisor, I assist in a lot of client meetings, manage the projects and help develop strategic plans. Supervising small teams of interns gave me the chance to learn how to delegate – not the easiest thing to do, and I made some amazing progress in English.

But most importantly, LC’s a great and fun place to work, surrounded by a young team of international students, and I will never forget the friends I made here (including you, Toby!)

Pauline Bokobza
Marketing and Client Services

Here’s what a few of our former interns said:


Britt Nabuurs
Social Media Marketing Associate


Suzanne Fermigier
Social Media Marketing Associate


Aki Uchimoto
Marketing Associate


Martina Leibichova
Marketing Associate


Dane Fazakerley
Social Media Marketing and Sales Associate


Marketing Internships: Leandra McDonald Marketing Manager, AIMIAWithout this experience, I would not have got the job that I wanted.

Leandra McDonald
Marketing Manager, AIMIA

Marketing Internships: Camille Wilson, United Kingdom HR Administrator at Ipsos MORI

After my marketing internship with Lead Creation, I made the challenging decision to move to London and try find a job in the field I loved, HR! [LC’s comment: Hard to do given the current recession in London!]

Not a single interview did they not mention my internship with LC. They commented on it being a real advantage; this isn’t saying because it was any old internship. They admired the work I got to experience over the 6 months I was at LC. They loved that I was given responsibility, as well as the freedom to develop my own innovative ideas. My internship at LC quite literally changed what I am capable of now. Without that, I honestly don’t believe that I would have been able to obtain my current position, which has in itself been an amazing learning opportunity with a well established organisation.

Camille Wilson, United Kingdom
HR Administrator at Ipsos MORI

Marketing Internships: Chris Feggans Community Manager at One Green Bean

Having experience in social media put me way ahead of the curve when applying for jobs. I also got my current job directly through the strength of my LinkedIn profile, most of which I learnt at LC.

Chris Feggans
Marketing Manager at One Green Bean (now programs scheduler at SBS)

Marketing Internships: Kyoko Yanai-Nguyen Social Media CoordinatorLead Creation was my starting platform for a role in marketing, and added to my interest in pursuing it as a career. My marketing internship at LC provided me with the overall knowledge of social media. Particularly how to write copy and SEO, and a solid understanding of how social media can be utilised to generate leads. Thanks to LC, and the experience I gained in blogging/copywriting there, I was able to transfer these skills across to my current role.

Kyoko Yanai-Nguyen
Social Media Coordinator

Marketing Internships: Samantha Khoury Marketing Assistant at Samsung Electronics AustraliaMy marketing internship at Lead Creation set me up to gain an SEO position at Samsung, and from there I moved into a role that I wanted to do. LC equipped me with all the basic skills of Online Marketing.


Samantha Khoury
Marketing Assistant at Samsung Electronics Australia

Marketing Internships: Silvia Fioccone, Italy Social Media Strategist and Community ManagerLead Creation helped me in growing my international background and knowledge in Social Media and Social Networking. Although my current role in the e-commerce industry for fashion labels doesn’t exactly relate to the internship I experienced at LC – it surely helped me discover the importance of Social Media and Networking in the current business era, which is truly a great insight.

Silvia Fioccone, Italy
Social Media Strategist and Marketing Manager

Marketing Interships: Will Runciman, United Kingdom Financial Leadership Development Programme at Johnson & Johnson ConsumerMy marketing internship at Lead Creation was a fantastic opportunity to get some much needed work experience. I found that in interviews my knowledge was invaluable, and I was able to talk about my time at Lead Creation. I would say that the intern role along with a couple of other previous jobs helped me gain numerous interview opportunities. Also, LC made me aware of LinkedIn which is a fantastic tool that I use all the time to locate job opportunities. I know LinkedIn will become even more useful when I begin to actively job hunt.

Will Runciman, United Kingdom
Financial Leadership Development Programme at Johnson & Johnson Consumer

Marketing Internships: Ingrid Garcia, MexicoI learnt a lot, especially how to get in touch with clients, and how to socialize with your international co-workers (this experience becomes a global network, I just love that). I enjoyed all the great opportunities being part of the LC team!

Ingrid Garcia, Mexico