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Approaching graduation and still have no clue of how to land your dream job? Or not sure what you’d like to do when you’re ‘all grown up’? There is help. ‘Landing Your Dream Job: Start Your Career Ahead of the Competition’ is a guide providing young people with the information necessary to clarify what they’d love to do, and show them how to secure a job in their desired field. Exploring education choices, job hunting strategies, the importance of networking, constructing professional cover letters and resumes, executing interviews and the follow up process, as well as the awful truths about recruitment firms, this book is a must-read for any young person looking to develop a successful career. The book covers: – Education choices and your parents – Choosing a degree – Job hunting strategies – Networking to improve your career prospects – Recruitment firms – the inside scoop – How to write fantastic cover letters – How to create a resume that impresses – How to handle an interview with poise and confidence – What to do after the interview – interview followup – How you can begin on the journey to your dream job In the book, we also emphasise the importance of internships, volunteer work, or part-time employment as this will help you explore your career options and decide if a certain job or field is the right choice for you. Work experience is also a great way to start networking and get in touch with contacts that may be useful later on. Chapter 4 is all about this, but pick up the book to find out more. Written by a recruitment expert with help from undergrad students, this guide gives easy to understand information that will make your career hunting journey much more satisfying.

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