The Social Media Roadmap for 2013

Being Social Media marketers we are regularly asked… “Is it really possible to get clients from Social Media?”

The short answer is “yes”, but it’s how you use the various social media channels that really determines your success.

In our business, we’ve seen Social Media used to get clients many times, but we wanted to prove it and decided to conduct this study to gauge the true power of Social Media.  It examines current buying habits; how the top 207 B2B companies are using social media; and how online influence can convert into real-world sales.

In late 2012, we collected, graded and analysed over 18,630 data points across the 7 major Social Media platforms; the largest study ever done globally on B2B companies.

As Social Media tightens its grip on business, this study provides answers the key questions: How are customers buying in 2013?

  • Can you really make sales from Social Media, and where is your time best spent?
  • How should you sell in 2013?
  • What are the experts saying?
  • What are the top 207 companies doing about Social Media?
  • What conclusions can we reach off the back of what the Top 207 are doing well and what they are doing badly?

Many of our findings are surprising. You will see how most of the largest companies are not performing well on Social Media – and we offer the likely reasons for this.

Finally we provide a ‘road map’ of how to use Social Media to address the Top four sales challenges in the years ahead. We are continuing our research and collecting successful case studies from Australian companies, and will release this in July.

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