Business Networking with the new Tools

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Key Elements of Networking 

I recently went to Toby’s ‘Business Networking on Steroids’ breakfast seminar recently and walked out surprised. Toby broke down the three key elements of Networking, How to ‘focus’ on which Social Media Platforms, and also showed ‘when’ you should use of-line networking.

Toby – I got so much out of the morning. Whenever people see this event pop up – they should attend. Toby knows people, and about people. Toby’s enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge without peer. I am also eternally grateful for the free time and advice he has given me over the years.

Each time I see Toby I am inspired to do something different and/or better. Just a good guy. And you never forget him after you meet him.

– Steven Di Pietro, Founder of Service Integrity Mystery Shopping


The power of connections

Toby really understands the power of connections and is superb at facilitating quality education and events to provide them. I highly recommend having a conversation with him if you want to grow your contacts or find employees in a more effective and enjoyable way.

– Erica Bagshaw, Senior Executive Coach, and Facilitator of Leadership

Relationship building between professions

Toby’s successful approach of relationship building is bringing professionals together to effectively network. Not only is he very passionate about his field but delivers his message to the business community in ways that empowers and delights his audiences.

– John de Voy, President at Chiropractors Association of Australia

Networking productively

Knowing Toby for over 15 years, I have come to admire his ability to network and show others how to go about it productively. I would go further and say that as a philatelist is to stamps, so is Toby to social networking. He knows the order, the history and the value of each group. Above all, his mentoring ability is considerable as I can personally testify.

James Brennan, Financial Planner

Creating deeper connections

Toby is one of the best-networked people I know. He’s always looking for ways to create deeper connections than just “exchanging business cards”.

– Gihan Perera, Futurist Speaker Australia

Entertaining and enlightening

Toby’s events are of great value. They are always entertaining & enlightening where you learn something new and useful. He seems to be known for his notable introductions. A highly recommended individual.

– Drew Wilson, Joint-Chief Executive Officer at Fundhost Limited

An incomparable coach of networking

I personally recommend Toby as reliable , very efficient and trusty man. An incomparable coach of b2b networking and a manager of networking events. And certainly as someone who is just well-networked! A very good contact in business.

– Alain Henri Chazelles, CEO InHouseGroup3

Down to earth approach

I’ve attended Toby’s several presentations and have always enjoyed his down to earth approach and valuable insights into the “secrets” of networking and Social Media..

– Sybille Goss, Production Manager

A different take on networking

The First Wednesday Club is a great forum for meeting fantastic people, and getting a different “spin” on networking. Toby strongly believes in building relationships, not just exchanging business cards. He puts this into practice each month at the First Wednesday Club which is definitely worth attending!

– Sharrone Phillips, Professional Coaching and Training

A man of great integrity

Toby is a networker par excellence! The Abacus events were always superbly organized with great speakers and great discussion. His business model is impressive. He is also a man of great integrity. I commend him to you.

Jane Jordan, Managing Director at Gaia Coaching Group

Excellent Networker

Toby is an excellent networker who is able to perceive how people will relate in new roles. He also will provide frank feedback to highlight potential issues.

– Robert Marie, Managing Director at Theta Assest Management Limited

Recruitment Experts

Toby is one of the best “natural” networkers and recruitment experts

– George Bijak, Managing Director and Investment Strategist