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Generous, Intelligent, Educated

I’ve known Toby for 30 years, and he continues to be as he always was: generous, intelligent, educated, creative, enthusiastic and fun to be around.

Rodney Marks – Comedian, Hoax speaker

Insightful and Engaging

Have had the opportunity to hear Toby speak both in the US and Canada on the topic of recruiting in a global arena.

Toby is insightful and engaging and his unique point of view forces even seasoned recruiters to rethink the way they do their jobs.

Judy Tilmont, Executive Recruiter at JST Search Group

Changing the way CEOS think about recruitment

Toby is changing the way CEOS think about recruitment. His work is creating a fundamental shift in the culture of some of the corporate Thought Leaders. I don’t let any business leaders I meet finish a discussion on recruitment without putting them in touch with Toby!

Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global

Well Connected 

Since meeting Toby at a networking event 2 years ago, I have found him to be very well connected in the business arena. Through his events and others, he has introduced me to great contacts that have helped me with my business. I thoroughly enjoy his First Wednesday Club and by turning up regularly have received significant benefit.
If you need to meet new people, I recommend you get in touch.

Chris Gray, Investment Property Expert

Building a better and more satisfying career

Toby has given me invaluable careers guidance for almost two years. He has no hesitation in giving up his time and his advice shows how in touch he is with the relevant issues and pressures in my industry, and I am sure this knowledge extends to other areas. I would highly recommend Toby for those seeking to build a better, more satisfying career.

– Lara Ette, Interior Designer

Vision and determination

I first worked with Toby in 1989. Since that initial encounter he has always inspired as a true ‘why can’t it be done’ style of an entrepreneurial ideas guy. Having vision and determination he is always ahead of the pack when it comes to leading edge ideas that will change the way we think about the world and ultimately about how we interact with it.

Ian Hamilton, Managing Director

Practical advice that you can use

I recommend Toby simply because I remember walking down Pitt Street feeling a bit low, meeting Toby, chatting and walking away with a new spring in my step. Toby gives practical advice in a way that you can use it.

Geof Johns, Owner of Geof Johns & Associates 

Take a step forward in your career

Toby was a pleasure to work for. He always offered his knowledge and was a great mentor for me. I learned a tremendous amount under his employment and would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity, to take advantage of it and work with him; you will be taking a step forward in your career.

– Stephen Ognibene, Private Client Banker at JPMorgan Chase Bank

Cost effective direct marketing

There is no doubt that Toby is the go to man for financial planning recruitment. He knows all the players and where to find them. His service comes at an incredibly reasonable price and with appropriate guarantees. With his entrepreneurial hat on he is also providing VERY cost effective direct marketing and analyst services to the same market. Both of which I have recommended to clients of mine.

Ken R Macleod, Entrepreneur

Uses international connections effectively

Toby is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment industry. He is an eloquent and insightful speaker and pulls no punches in his efforts to raise the bar in what can be a misunderstood service industry. He understands how to train employers in the effective use of recruiters. He has a fine mind and writes excellent and readable publications. He uses his international connections effectively and is generous in sharing his knowledge and experience in order to make a better world for us all.

-Wayne Sullivan, CEO Marwick & Stimson

Energetic and resourceful recruiter

I have known Toby for over 5 years through our memberships of a global recruitment firm network, the NPA. It has been a pleasure working with him and I know that he and his team are a fantastic supplier to a range of companies in Australia and further afield. Toby is a very energetic and resourceful recruiter and business leader as attested to by his recent book, Get Great People/Get a Better Job.

Nigel Cumberland, Co-founder of the Silk Road Partnership

Creativity, vision and organisation skills

Toby Marshall is the spearhead of the recruitment revolution. Toby has the creativity, vision and organisational skills that are changing the way leading organisations recruit and retain their staff. His approach is unique but his results are universal. If you need the right people for the right job then Toby’s your man.

Nils Vesk, Founder and Innovation Architect at Innovation Blueprint

Finding out what exactly is required

Toby has a way of finding out exactly what is required – from a recruiter’s and a recruitee’s point of view. He has a unique way of approaching recruitment that results in “best fits”, and he understands the market clearly. He offers a no-nonsense approach that results in win-wins.

 Sharonne Phillips, Professional Coaching and Training

Refreshing and unique insights into the recruitment industry

Toby’s best selling book Get a Better Job / Get Great People is filled with refreshing and unique insights into the recruitment industry. Aside from its content, his publishing approach with two books in one is unique and really meets the objectives of both sides of the industry.

– Lisa Messenger, Founder & Editor in Chief at Collective Hub