Our Team: Testimonials

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Generous, Intelligent, Educated

I’ve known Toby for 30 years, and he continues to be as he always was: generous, intelligent, educated, creative, enthusiastic and fun to be around.

Rodney Marks – Comedian, Hoax speaker

Well Connected 

Since meeting Toby at a networking event 2 years ago, I have found him to be very well connected in the business arena. Through his events and others, he has introduced me to great contacts that have helped me with my business. I thoroughly enjoy his First Wednesday Club and by turning up regularly have received significant benefit.
If you need to meet new people, I recommend you get in touch.

Chris Gray, Investment Property Expert

Vision and determination

I first worked with Toby in 1989. Since that initial encounter he has always inspired as a true ‘why can’t it be done’ style of an entrepreneurial ideas guy. Having vision and determination he is always ahead of the pack when it comes to leading edge ideas that will change the way we think about the world and ultimately about how we interact with it.

Ian Hamilton, Managing Director

Take a step forward in your career

It has been a pleasure working for Toby, who has offered his extensive knowledge of Marketing and is a great mentor. I learned a tremendous amount under his employment and would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity, to take advantage of it. By working with him; you’ll be taking a step forward in your career.

– Stephen Ognibene, Private Client Banker at JPMorgan Chase Bank

Cost effective direct marketing

Toby is the expert in financial planning recruitment, knowing all the players and where to find them. His service comes at an incredibly reasonable price with appropriate guarantees. With his entrepreneurial hat on, he provides VERY cost effective and direct marketing and analyst services to the same market. Both of which I have recommended to clients of mine.

Ken R Macleod, Entrepreneur